Pay N Play

Instant gambling, which quickly became a favorite of the Scandinavian people, is a very unambiguous term and literally opens up the ideology followed by gambling sites that have removed the registration process. Deposit and play without any strings attached. No unpleasant conditions and no unwanted obligations. Just quick, easy and effortless gambling wherever and whenever you want.

Just log in and make a deposit using your preferred bank and after that the gates are opened. So enjoy, experience and win, as all services are at your disposal and can be accessed at any time in the blink of an eye. PayNPlay truly is a must choice for every modern gambler.

Pay N Play Apps - TOP 20

Get the party started on fresh new-comer. CasinoFest is here to make great offers and deliver a seamless experience.
Skip the middleman and head straight to the top. This fellow took the gaming experience to the next level and provided absolute professionalism.
Squeeze fresh juice from just opened Casilime. This operator brings the best games available, and speed is immaculate.
Weekly 30€ deposit to Buumi Casino brings 300 spins to your account. This recently established gaming site is one of the biggest raisers in the markets and tempo is still increasing.
Hail the mighty casino! Mahti Kasino is now open and the Scandinavian players can enjoy yet another top notch PnP site from the White Hat Gaming!
Choose Winny and keep on winning. Player gets a 10% rebound from every played euro. This "cashback" offer is always valid and it's paid weekly. doesn't offer any bonuses for the players right now but it is certainly awesome in any other way, as the name even suggests!
Playerz is one of the hottest newcomers right now! Test your reliable and secure MGA-licensed operator and enjoy thousands of different games.
Your galactic journey starts now. Redeem 500 euros on the first deposit from Casino Universe and activate your inner astronaut. This gaming planet offers highly appreciated games and customer support.
Boost your knowledge about high-performance gaming on Buusti Kasino. Claim 500 euros and 20 spins on the first deposit and experience the benefits of a modern platform.
Vauhti Kasino is an amazing iGaming site that guarantees infinite fluency and, respecting its name, very fast operations regarding all money transfers!
A true fan-favorite Ultra Casino rewards players daily with various bonuses that allow you to claim free spins and other prizes on an ongoing basis!
One of the best bonuses on the market! Galaksino offers 5€ no-deposit bonus for every customer so you can start playing here risk-free! is truly a trailblazer when it comes to gambling without registration as this was one of the first casinos providing this type of entertainment. Test the legendary site with 150 free spins you'll get from making the first deposit!
Freshly squeezed CasinoBuck caresses its customers with all kinds of weekly offers and super-fast payments!
Nitro Casino puts the pedal to the medal! Payouts are here as fast as they get and the selection of games is also world-class!
Mr Mega is certainly worth of its name when it comes to game selection. Check the massive range of slots with the 50 free spins you'll get from your first deposit!
Quality, functional speed and loads of free spins. With these assets, the Kassu raised itself to the popularity of the Scandinavian players at an record-breaking pace!
Dreamz has been making dreams come true ever since 2018. Now its being operated by N1 Interactive so it's looking better than ever!
CasinoDays entered the market with some truly groovy bonuses. Make your first deposit now to claim thew 100%/500€ bonus with 100 free spins to the Book of Dead slot!

Listed above are all the best apps and sites for the friends of slots. However, there are already several Pay and Play sites on the internet that specialize in sports betting. Here are a few premium-class options for you to choose from...

Top5 for Betting

Mr Green is by far one of the biggest names in the gambling and iGaming sector. Sportsbook is massive here and what ever you want to bet on, this site has markets and lines for it!
In addition to the slots selection, Betive offers a lot of betting lines from various markets. You can also take advantage of the 100% sportsbook bonus that is available up till 100€!
ComeOn! offers their customers a wide range of different payment options and Trustly's PnP is one of them. Therefore you can gamble without registration if you just want to!
Faster, better, easier. is certainly a sportsbook operator that suits for the gamblers who do not want any extra hassle.
Even the oldest dogs can learn new tricks. Way back in 2001 launched Netbet is now available via PayNPlay! Casino, sportsbook, poker... you name it, Netbet has it!

Pay N Play works with your bank ID

As the name tells you, the whole process has been made just as simple as it is and can be. Many wonder how on earth can they play and cash out winnings instantly to their bank account if the basic registration process is not required in the beginning. The question is indeed justifiable. In this PNP operating model, the customer is identified at the same time as the first deposit is made. Banks have a duty to know their customers and bank IDs already serve as identity cards for many authorities. This is also the case on the gaming pages, in which case you do not have to provide the information yourself to the site itself.

Authentication with the bank IDs does not collect any additional information about the customer, only the information necessary for the customer to play and cash out the winnings. At the same time this new way of online gambling, as the use of bank IDs always requires strong authentication. The use of another bank ID has been made very cumbersome by the bank and changing code that comes to the phone upon authentication is only available to the player himself. As a result, it is extremely safe to make a deposit and the winnings will be credited to the bank account where the first identification was made.

Is Pay And Play really be that simple?

This fresh gambling method may sound too good to be true but no matter how critically you observe it, you really can't find any red flags here. Everything really is that simple as gambling with PayNPlay requires no extra gimmicks. Current technology and modern payment methods allow for simpler and faster access which is also very important for the gambling site itself as everyone of them are constantly trying to simplify their operations and processes and getting rid of extra work. It is in no one’s interest to force customers to carry out excessively complicated functions if there is even a simpler and way easier option available. In this light it really isn't a surprise that both the operators and the players have praised this development very generously.

Is it safe to play with bank ID?

This is probably some kind of a matter for many customers, as it is still a relatively new approach. This is very understandable as safety is always an appropriate concern especially when we are dealing with real money.

However, a site that runs with this faster PnP method cannot in any way take advantage of the customers playing with bank ID afterwards for its own purposes, as third parties will not be able to see your personal ID when playing. The information stays between you and the bank and the gambling site itself receives only the necessary information from the bank to make the preferred transfer. Therefore, authentication with bank ID is clearly the safest way for the customers to play and gamble online.

Starting is easy and effortless

In a nutshell, getting started with Pay And Play has been made as easy as possible. Of course every iGaming and gambling site has their own requirements regarding terms of use and overall security and none of these requirements can never be compromised but fortunately, with the current technology, these demands and preconditions can be implemented efficiently, quickly and simply for every customer.

Complicated registration processes will not be completely eliminated and of course there will probably always be players who will prefer these kinds of traditional gambling sites. Especially for some very active gamblers this kind of traditional playground is more beneficial than for the player who plays once in a while when or if he or she just feels like it. This kind of faster and easier access is of course very good for these occasional players who do not want to waste their time on the complex and quite unnecessary registration processes.

Interest in gambling has also been strong in Nordic countries, but before the Pay and Play gambling sites became more common, many novice players did not dare to try playing online with real money. Now, when iGaming and gambling has been made simpler and easier, there are plenty of players who are willing to give this method a go. Some of these individuals play just once a while and for some, gambling becomes a nice hobby.

However, always remember to play with moderation and gamble only with the amounts you can afford to lose!

The benefits of Pay n Play gambling

Playing on PayNPlay gambling sites is indeed so fast and easy as all of the sufficient information is provided to the gaming site with the customers own bank ID as they make their first deposit. In this same light all withdrawals are also very simple and quick at the end of the gaming session. You just need to enter the amount you want to withdraw for you account and all these winnings will be credited to your bank account within minutes. This makes online gambling just as simple as playing with the real slot machines. Of course the difference here is that you can play from the couch at home or in the break room at work and the winnings go directly to your own bank account and not as coins to the bottom of a pocket.

Cash out the winnings with just a few clicks

When a player starts the first pay and play session on a gambling site that provides an option for it, he or she also makes a first deposit using their preferred bank. Thus your own bank ID basically becomes your own gaming account that keeps winnings and deposits even if no registration is required. In other words, no usernames and passwords are required as only you have an access to that specific gambling account as it was opened with our personal bank ID that only you use.

And due to all this simplicity, all of the winnings are super easy to be withdrawn at the end of the gaming session just with a few clicks and all this withdrawn money always goes directly to the same bank account from which the original deposit was made. This method also makes sure that gambling sites can pay these profits usually in real-time and so there should not be any delays regarding the withdrawal of your hard earned profits. At the end of the game session, it's a good idea to clear your computer or tablet's cache so that you can't accidentally leave the connection open, especially if you're playing using a public computer.

Invented By Trustly

Fast PayNPlay feature was invented by the online payment service provider Trustly which is probably very familiar to gamblers worldwide from many traditional gaming sites. Trustly is a long-standing, secure and reliable open banking payment method with solid expertise and a very good reputation. The company cooperates with most Nordic banks which enables fast and safe gaming for players without the use of a credit card or even a registration. At these Pay N Play environments, customer information is passed on to the operator through Trustly and players' bank IDs act not only as a method of payment but also as proof of identity. Gaming sites receive only the necessary information for authentication and thus gaming is fast and secure for the customer.

As these Pay N Play iGaming sites become more and more common, the whole online gambling market will become more and more secure for the players. Due to this new technology and whole market shift players do not need to provide their personal information to these iGaming sites and gambling providers. Nowadays privacy protection is of course more vital than ever as each and everyone of us would of course like to control the use of our private information as strictly and carefully as possible. And when you play via this Trustly's PnP method, absolutely no one can ever access your personal information as you really have not provided it to them anywhere.

This also guarantees that players don't have to share their credit card information with these gambling sites as all of the deposits and withdrawals are made with just the bank IDs. Of course, this kind of strong authentication has been applied to credit card purchases as well and in many cases, verification with bank IDs through online banking is still required. Credit card information can still fall into the wrong hands and be used for criminal activity. However, these PayNPlay casinos do not require a credit card, creating a secure and trustworthy environment for players.

And as your online gambling account does not require any passwords and usernames, are these PnP accounts pretty much hack proof as long as you just don't share your bank IDs with anyone.