The future of online casinos: what does next year look like?

The future of online casinos: what does next year look like?

Online casinos have been developing constantly – and that development will most likely never stop. Each year brings out modern trends, innovations and technologies; and we are here to let you know what you can expect to see in the near future.

It is no secret that new casinos are always the first ones to incorporate fresh ideas and hottest trends. It is always easier to create something from the beginning than to try to change and exciting brand. Below you will find just a couple of the innovations that we will expect to see from casinos.

Casinos Target Mobile Players Specifically

First players moved from brick-and-mortar casinos to online casinos – most players already prefer playing with a smart phone over a laptop or computer. That has forced casinos to focus more and more on mobile-compatible solutions; especially when it comes to payments and games.

Already we have seen countless new payment services such as Fun ID, eeZeeWallet that are designed for efficient mobile payments. Virtual currencies have become increasingly popular options for deposits and withdrawals due to their mobile-friendliness. And lately more and more casinos are adding Google Pay and Apple Pay into their list of payment services since players are already used to leaving their house without a wallet and just relying on phone-payments.

At some point casino apps where all the rage but next year you do not really need one anymore. Playing via your device browsers provides the exact same experience without having to download yet another app. Therefore, this year you will see less and less new casinos bothering to create an app at all.

Social Gambling Is on the Rise

Multiple different brands have been trying to incorporate the social aspects of gambling to online casinos with varying results. Chat functions, personalized avatars and the use of social media accounts have all been ideas that we’ve seen during the last decade but none of them have really hit the ground running.

Casinos are clearly ready to try again with new and improved technology. Live streams, multiplay, livespins and better-than-ever live casinos are just a couple of examples of the innovations we have seen lately.

Play Together casinos allow players to create sessions with their friends and share collected wins based on the original contribution. Players can also join pre-exciting sessions that are hosted by captains with loads of followers.

It will also become more and more common for casinos to entertain players with daily live streams and shows – and award players with special promotions. To make the content as entertaining as it can possible be, casinos are partnering with well-known Twitch streamers and content creators.

Jackpots Are Getting Bigger and Bigger

One of the things players can always count on are bigger jackpots. There are always new games being launched with million-dollar jackpot wins and records are broken almost every single year. And 2023 will definitely not be an exception since we have already crossed the magical €20,000,000 and €25,000,000 limits.

The first game in the WowPot series, Wheel of Wishes, was launched in 2020 and within the space of a couple years this series has become an all-time player favorite. Currently there are eight different WowPot slots and all of them have the potential to hand out millions. And it will be one of these games that will spill the record win, once the now over 25-million-dollar mega jackpot eventually pops.

But it’s not just Microgaming who is creating buzz around jackpot games. Relax Gaming has been getting well-earned recognition with their Dream Drop series that has already created seven millionaires with the highest win being over 6 million euros. More and more game providers are entering the jackpot market which will only results on higher and more frequent jackpot wins.